April 30, 2022 – Over 100 exhibitors and 14 free workshops for Awareness, Enlightenment, Wellness, and Successful Living

Welcome to “A Taste of the Fair”

We’re glad you are here to virtually “taste the fair” and meet presenters and exhibitors for the 2022 Fair. Please feel free to share this page with anyone who wants more wellness and aliveness! Also check out the April 2020 Virtual Fair offerings.

Erik Swenson

It’s Time to Light Up Your Life – A Life Changing Virtual Event

Humanity is in the midst of an expansion of consciousness far beyond that which has existed in the past. For thousands of years we have viewed ourselves as our bodies and our minds; there has always been so very much more as to who we are, and understanding the truths of our temporary human “physicality” and eternal spiritual essence of who we are is a limitlessly empowering stepping stone to a quantum expansion of our consciousness, and the opening of doors to us experiencing ever greater joy, love, light, peace and happiness in your life.

This presentation will bridge science and spirituality, temporal and eternal, provide crystal clarity as to the true essence of who we all are, why we have come forth to live our lives, the endless possibilities that exist within them and the outcome that awaits us all when our life journeys become complete.

Led by Erik Swenson, a life-long studier of religion, spirituality and pursuer of greater truths, world traveler, multi-decade Speaker, Spiritual(Energy) Healer, Life Coach, Author and more, this presentation will be as insightful as it is engaging, as informative as it is enlightening and will assist all who participate in achieving a far better understanding of who they really are, of their infinite value and worth, of living their daily lives with ever greater joy and love and light and release the fears of when our lives become complete.

This hour-long presentation will be followed by an optional live Q & A session with those who choose to participate.

A technical glitch prevented recording of Erik’s presentation. We will offer it again – we promise!!

Markus Kasunich  

Finding Connection & Meaning in the Divine Feminine

No one can ignore the incredible amounts of stress, trauma, confusion and fear that the world is currently living in. this ongoing duress deeply affects us on a subconscious level and creates a feeling hopelessness.

How is understanding, activating and connecting to the Divine feminine going to assist us with our present circumstances? And how does this relate to what is going on in the world? What is Divine Feminine? How does this relate to the Divine Masculine? Why is essential to empower this feminine energy in our lives to re-discover a nourishing sense of meaningfulness?

Join Holistic Life and Consciousness Coach, Markus Kasunich as we traverse through this often misunderstood and misrepresented topic in the modern world

Link to watch recording (starts approximately 1 min 30 seconds into recording) https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=319668059239081&extid=vXoIFJdaY7pV8jHt

Pre-recorded Presentations

Patricia Clason – Successful Living Basic Training – Personal Responsiblity – The Foundation

Patricia is offering the Personal Responsibility Module from her Successful Living Basic Training program. 22 minutes of wisdom and tools for managing your emotions. To learn more about the Successful Living Basic Training  and get a special offer for $300 discount on the full program, click here.

LINK to video: https://successfullivingbasictraining.com/courses/3231/

Jill Borsos – What is your money archetype? Are you a Ruler, Romantic, Accumulator, or ?

Jill talks about how your conscious and unconscious feelings and beliefs about money keep you from climbing the corporate ladder or venturing into your own business. https://intuitivejournal.simplecast.com/episodes/89547722-940c2f8e

Listen to this podcast you’ll hear about:

  • How Jill left the corporate world in a technical financial position and stepped into professional healing work
  • Owing your full potential to get to the next level in your business or career
  • Downstream – A place for highly conscious professionals/business owners
  • Some of Jill’s favorite client success stories
  • Money Archetypes and how to use them to your fullest potential to unblock your money blocks
  • Stories and insights from her trip to Paris

LINK to audio podcast: https://intuitivejournal.simplecast.com/episodes/89547722-940c2f8e

BONUS – SACRED MONEY ARCHETYPES READING – To talk to Jill about receiving your Sacred Money Archetypes® Reading, learning your top three money archetypes, and the Dare to Be Aware Special click here for her contact form. Please make sure you mention the Dare to Be Aware Fair. The first three to book their reading will be gifted a gorgeous set of their very own Sacred Money Archetypes® cards.

Diane Garrison, Ph.D.Creating Stolen Moments

In this crazy, busy world we live in, it is so easy for our self-care to drop to the bottom of our priority list.  Who has the time or energy?  Well we can make time, we can create “Stolen Moments”.  Here is a video with quick self-care tips that can be practiced anywhere, in a few minutes.   Enjoy!”

LINK https://www.fullpowerwomen.com/stolenmoments

Michelle Barney, Ignite Your Dreams Now, LLC

You were born with a unique and special purpose! What makes you come alive is deeply rooted in that purpose. Often our subconscious works against what we are consciously trying to create. Learn how Life speaks to you bringing you to that purpose and about a tool to literally re-write your subconscious programs to be the best version of you and truly live your best life!  www.michelebarney.lifemasteryconsultant.com

LINK to Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16fRELK6t81i_O2sJ5gA5yXL8jVNV5aCs/view

Julie Ann Marie  Infinite Joy Now, LLC

Julie is an Intuitive Soul Healer, Psychic, Medium, Shaman and Animal Communicator.  At the live Dare to Be Aware Fair, I offer 20% discount on either a either a 15 or 30 minute session.  I am extending that offer to any online booking made by September 1.  Whether you are looking to connect with your deceased loved ones, have a psychic reading, experience an intuitive soul healing or shamanic journey, I am here to support you on the path.   Wanting to hear and know what your animal companions are thinking and feeling?  Book an animal communication session.  Go to  www.julieannmarie.com/  to watch a video about animal communication, and use the BookNow button to schedule your session.   Stay safe, and I look forward to seeing you in Spring!

We also encourage you to visit the websites of our exhibitors to preview what you will experience on April 17, 2021 at Alverno.

Below are presentations from our exhibitors that you can watch at any time…..

Jeanette Presley – doTerra Essential oils

Essential Oils are the essence of a plant, a gift from the earth, distilled and prepared for you to bring the power of nature into your home. Each with unique chemical makeup, essential oils have dozens of benefits for the body and mind. Essential oil benefits are determined by the chemistry of the plants. If these natural chemicals are properly extracted, they can be used to help you physically, mentally, and emotionally in your daily life.

LINK to video:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rmw9VtsfE1BUT7d7-2Rq1ZdEvXYITVf8/view

LuAnn Buechler, founder of the ihug Movement

shares her method for sending Virtual Hugs to your loved ones and the world during this time of Social Distancing. She is hosting Virtual Intentional Hug Happy Hour every Monday evening at 5:00pm CST via Zoom, live on Facebook. All are welcome to join her, follow her on  https://www.facebook.com/ihugmovement/ and learn more about the ihug Movement at ihugmovement.com.

LINK:  https://youtu.be/2dMdlARPvJw

Angelic Roots – http://angelicroots.com

Shop our collection of crystal beauties, jewelry, cleansing and smudging tools, and much more! 8628 S Market Place Oak Creek Wisconsin 53154 or online at www.angelicroots.com

Join our amazing Angelic Roots community on Facebook or Instagram (@angelicroots) and share in our positivity and light. We offer several Instagram live sales each week – a fun way to get a look at our beautiful inventory, view and purchase items in real time, learn the history and properties of crystals, ask questions, and connect with our wonderful community!

Here’s a peek at our sweet little shop!  https://www.instagram.com/tv/CB3zPE2BYbL/?igshid=daz0nb3890k

Join us for a virtual meditation!  https://www.instagram.com/tv/CAdmAm_nJ2e/?igshid=1l5iyspcaip31

Learn more about the basics of crystal grids!  https://www.instagram.com/tv/CEDI7Oaq9yG/?igshid=11amp5b2ayj7v

Change Your Life in Less Than 5 Minutes with Author Mary Anne

Wisconsin Author Mary Anne explains why we need to pay attention to energy and how it’s affecting you, right now.  (In less than 5 minutes!). Mary Anne is the author of Complete Healing that helps you heal your whole being, mind, body, and soul. More free info at AnniePress.com

LINK to video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-Nv1wQM7Uo

Siena Retreat Center 

A moment of Relaxation and Meditation for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJXF-CNR-Xk&t=10s

Daily inspirational quotes:  https://www.facebook.com/SienaRetreatCenter/

Creating a space for spirituality, Siena Retreat Center offers a contemplative setting for private and group retreats and spiritual enrichment programs. Located on Lake Michigan just north of Racine, Siena Retreat Center seeks to be a catalyst for a more just and compassionate world. The Center’s welcoming community offers retreats and programs that renew lives and deepen a spirituality of healing, peace, and wholeness.

Share International

In the midst of a global pandemic, economic chaos, and the increasing effects of climate change, we have the opportunity to come together and change the system. People everywhere are taking action and calling for fundamental change. Fortunately, we are not alone in our efforts.

A group of enlightened teachers who have long helped and inspired humanity from behind the scenes are entering the everyday world to guide us through our present global crises, and into a future of justice, peace, and brotherhood/sisterhood. These wise teachers, known as the Masters of Wisdom, are here with the most senior member of the group – Maitreya, the World Teacher. They will show us that sharing the Earth’s resources equitably among the world’s people is the key to creating justice and peace for all, while maintaining the planet’s health. Sharing will create trust. Where there is trust among nations, there will be no need for war.

Watch a short, inspiring video here to raise your spirits!

LINK: https://www.share-international.us/mw/ 


Amy Wilde of Castle Art has opened a shop in Door County!  Watch this short video to find out about special discounts/sales available to you…..


Tami Friday is offering a special savings on her weekly online Reiki-infused meditations

Just for you! Until I see you at the Fair in Spring for mini sessions of CranioSacral Therapy with Reiki, you are invited to join me online via Zoom for my many classes and guided meditations. I host a class or event almost weekly such as: Let Go of Anxiety, Fear & Worry Meditation, Meet Your Spiritual Health Team Workshop, Reiki Workshops, Chakra Balancing and Alignment Meditation, and so, so much more! Keep checking on my schedule page to see the latest updates!

To save $1 on any Reiki-infused meditation, use code DAREFAIRMEDITATE when enrolling. http://tamifriday.com/classes-and-workshops/

Barbara Kruck, a totem card reader

For over 25 years, Barbara has worked to help clients in their quest to strengthen their body, mind, and spirit. Your totem will speak to her through the cards. This is a process that connects us to our Mother Earth and opens new doorways of understanding.

Readings are $50 without a time limit.  They are for what you need. You will receive a full message from your totem guides. Call Barbara at 414-771-6950 to schedule a reading. Reference the code word “bear” for a $10 discount!

Connect Consciousness by Lauren Theisen

Receive 10% off of your total purchase of any hand made orgonite pyramid or pendant with code: aware  at checkout.

There’s MORE! Check out the

Virtual Dare to be Aware Day

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