April 18, 2020 – Over 100 exhibitors and 14 free workshops for Awareness, Enlightenment, Wellness, and Successful Living

Exhibitors 2019

Below are the exhibitors in the 2019 fair. Thank you for supporting them with your business!!  


Center for Creative Learning  /            Successful Living Basic Training www.centerforcreativelearning.com www.SuccessfulLivingBasicTraining.com
Free Spirit Crystals /                                  Free Spirit School  www.freespiritcrystals.com   www.freespiritschool.com
Hozho’ Healing www.hozhohealing.com
Natural Awakenings Magazine www.naturalmilwaukee.com
Patricia Clason Coaching Associates  www.patriciaclason.com
Your LIFE! Magazine www.yourlifemagazine.net


Booth # Company URL – Contact Info
LL – LaVerna Commons Lobby Maps to exhibit spaces are linked
code LV – LaVerna Commons to the names of the areas.
R – Rotunda
Number Only – Conference Hall


Full floor map of Fair area
2 Oberweis Dairy oberweis.com
3 Ananda Citta Life Mentoring anandacittamentoring.com
4/5 Lynne Carol Austin www.lynnecarolaustin.com
6 Starlight Consulting LLC/ Anne L. Smith www.thesharing.co
7 Infinite Joy Now, LLC www.julieannmarie.com
8 Tenderness Health Care LLC tendernesshealthcare.com/
9 Zilis zilis.com/danataylor
10 Avalon Healing Center www.avalonhealingcenter.com
11 Medium, Healer & Teacher www.mikepozorski.net
12 Spiritual Living of Greater Milwaukee http://www.slgmke.org
13 The Wellness Fair www.thewellnessfair.org
14 Costco www.costco.com
15 Hands and Heart Energy Healing LLC www.HandsandHeartEnergyHealing.com
16 Gentle Hands Healing
17/18 Flower Moon flowermoonreiki.com
19 Noel Manikham – Psychic Medium www.noelmanikham.com
20 Soul Symphony www.soulsymphony.net
21 Golden Light Healing Retreat Center https://goldenlighthealing.net/
22 Intuitive Art by Sooz www.suekeely.com
23 Nefertem Holistic Skincare www.nefertemnaturals.com
24 Life Strides Health and Wellness Coaching www.lifestrideshwc.com
25 Song of the Heart Healing Arts for Transformation www.kimregnitz.com
26 Harmonious Angels
27 Pharmanex
28 Optimal Performance Health Care Center optimalperformancewi.com
29 TheSteamRoomCo www.etsy.com/shop/TheSteamRoomCo
30 Amare – Beth Donnelly http://www.LiveByDesign.today
31 Connect Consciousness http://www.lthealing.com
32 Vitality Health & Wellness www.vitalityhealthwi.com
33 SunstoneSpirit Designs SunstoneSpirit.etsy.com
34 Sacred Joy Tea www.sacredjoytea.com
35 Nourish Natural Products www.nourishnaturalproducts.com
36/37 Essential Connecting – Aromativity www.aromativity.com
38 Hope Zvara www.hopezvara.com
39 Michele Barney www.michelebarney.lifemasteryconsultant.com
40 Kevay www.keevay.com
41 The Midnight Medium/Whispers2Critters www.LoisReetz.com
42 Rising Health Chiropractic Wellness www.risinghealthchiro.com
43 Compound Collective
44 Marilyn Murphy – psychic medium, healer, teacher spiritualenlightenment.me
45 Dr. Dave Aura Photography/ Bodhi
46 Castle Art www.castleart.com
47 Angelik Hands, LLC www.ReikiAngelikHands.com
48 Gracie’s Essential Oils www.amazinggracespa.com
49 Infinity Healing Center, Inc. www.infinityhealingcenter.org
50 Susan Lukas www.susanlukas.com
51 Angelic Roots LLC www.angelicroots.com
52 Joyful Living Institute www.joyfullivinginstitute.com
LL1 L’BRI Pure ‘n Natural www.lbri.com/maureen59
LL2 APEK Life www.thepeaksolution.com
LL3 Tai Chi Chuan Center www.taichicenter.org
LL4 Love 2 Heal U LLC
LL5 Seacret www.seacretdirect.com/roxanec
LL6 An Essential Drop Oils – doTERRA www.doterra.com/US/en/site/kristinstenmark
LL7 MKP http://wisconsin.mkpusa.org/
LL8 Advantage Chiropractic chiropractornewberlin.com
LL9 Violet Prana www.pranichealing.com
LL10 Annette Dillon /Crystal Journey’s greensquarecenter.com/annette-dillon-rm-cst/
LV1 Lynette Corsten Enterprise www.astrologyforrelationships.com
LV2 Paul’s Place
LV3 The Unassuming Oracle www.oraclebrett.com
LV4/5 Infinite Reflections 414-306-1376
LV6 Natural Ways Consulting LLC naturalwaysconsult.wixsite.com/nwcspiritual/tarot
LV7 Unique Health Solutions uniquehealthsolutions.net
LV8 Yoga Tree Wellness Center www.yogatreewc.com
LV9 SoulTouch www.soultouch.org
LV10 Tami Friday LLC www.tamifriday.com
LV11 Nancy Freier www.NancyFreier.com / www.theinnervoicemagazine.com
LV12 Energy Artist Kelly Geisler
LV13 DeEtte Ranae Psychic Medium deetteranaepsychicmedium.weebly.com
LV14 Awakened by Stephanie www.awakenedbystephanie.com
LV15 Share International www.Share-International.us/mw
LV16 Cara Caron Clairvoyant caracaronconcepts.com
LV17 Deborah Lighthart www.deborahlighthart.com
LV18 AL’S TAROT LLC www.alstarot.com
LV19 Kickin’ it Tarot Style www.kickinittarot.com
LV20 Omar’s Touch Therapy www.omarstouch.com
LV21 Steve Polifka www.angelboyz.com
LV22 Organic Growth Coach www.organicgrowthcoach.com
LV23 Herban Herbalist www.herbanherbalist.com
LV24 Children’s Hospital Community Services
LV25 Single Point Acupuncture www.singlepointacupuncture.com
LV26 Kristy Westbrook www.psychicart.net
LV27/28 Free Spirit Crystals www.freespiritcrystals.com
LV29 Love Lingo Positive Apparel and Accessories www.elevatemyvibe.com
R Natural Awakenings Magazine www.naturalmilwaukee.com
R1 Your LIFE! Magazine www.yourlifemagazine.net
R2 Tarot Tree
R3 Laura Jean Warnke www.IntuitiveJournal.com
R4 Jill Borsos – Transformations jillborsos.com
R5 MKE Video mkevideo.com
R6 Center for Creative Learning/Successful Living Basic Training www.lightly.com / www.successfullivingbasictraining.com
R7 Healing Warrior Hearts and other veterans groups www.healingwarriorhearts.org
R8 Young Living / Emily Newell perfectlyfrankoils.com
R9 Erik Swenson, Dreams Director www.dreamslifeandwellnesscenter.com
R10 GoLightly LLC www.golightlyllc.com
R11 Barbara Kruck www.barbarakruck.com
R12/13 Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts www.angellightllc.com
West Hall Hozho’ Healing www.hozhohealing.com
East Hall Simple Wellness Facilitator simplewellnessfacilitator.com


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